About us


BARBARIAN = Uncivilized and brutally strong!

Like the BARBARIAN name, our product is uncommonly crafted and forged to exist for generations. 

Our high end products are strong and visibly stunning.  You'll be proud to display or enjoy with your family and friends.


It all started with our copper collection... 

THE BARBARIAN Tankard... This over the top tankard is the talk of any party and has widely become a customer favorite along with its partner in crime, THE BEAST.  

Made from only the highest quality pure .999 copper.  Our products are hand forged, hammered and pure silver lined.  Silver, bronze and stainless are incorporated to some products bringing them to the next level in barware. The quality speaks for itself from the hand riveted handles to the hammered texture that makes each and every product one of a kind.

The traditional mule will never be the same if enjoyed using Barbarian's BARREL MULE.  Guaranteed to keep your beverage the perfect temperature while drinking in style.

We are confident that once you've had a drink with Barbarian Brands, there won't be any other comparison.




To clean, rinse with warm water and mild soap, then dry thoroughly. Copper is a metal that will not rust or corrode, as long as it is not exposed to acids. Over time and with regular use, copper will change in color and surface texture. This is not damage, but simply the copper molecules settling in and getting comfortable. The naturally occurring patina will develop over time to create a one-of-a-kind finish. If you prefer to restore the original copper sheen, you can polish with a soft cloth and cleaning solution.  All products are hand wash only.